Jean Patchett in Kashmoor for Country Tweed, 1954 (photo William Helburn)

Kashmoor for Country Tweed, Jean Patchett, 1954 Photo William Helburn

Jean Patchett in layered rhinestone necklaces and choker. Photo by John Rawlings.  Vogue UK, August, 1951.

Jean Patchett, photo by John Rawlings, Vogue UK, 1951

Simplicity Spring Pattern Book 1953 / Jean Patchett

Oh, that coat! *dies* > Simplicity Spring Pattern Book 1953 - model Jean Patchett, photo by Paul Radkai

Jean Patchett.  Photo by Clifford Coffin.  Vogue, July 1951.

Jean Patchett wearing a Mexican rebozo, photo by Clifford Coffin, April cover of British and American Vogue, July 1951