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Bailey Graham
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- Ν€Μ— saith my he A rt ̖́-

We all have ΓΈur masks that we wear.

tru story // one time i wore all black & people stared @ me in disgust @ school.but i didnt care bc i wore it for a reason,for tΓΈp.<<< seriously, i just died when i read that XD ily.

life has a hopeful undertone<-- i hate that people say "oh u like tΓΈp u must be emo" NO THATS NO HOW IT WORKS

OK so I one question for you: How can Twenty One Pilots have such sad and depressing music but act like this

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dude I just automatically feel really great to be alive. You manage to exist that the same time Tyler and josh, and the earth is billions of years old.

Twenty One Pilots

Josh and Tyler <<-- Although Josh's shoes in this, are a big problem. He needs to get him some New Balances!