Antony Gormley- Angel of the North The Angel of the North is a contemporary…

Antony Gormley-"Angel of the North" located in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear It is a steel sculpture of an angel, 20 metres tall, with wings measuring 54 metres across.

Antigirl’s Bleed Deeply | Love Made Visible

16 - Love this mix of paint with photos and what appear to be magazine pages! Create a layout inspired by these collages. - I just really love collage style pieces. whether mix media or not.

Rebecca Vincent - Northumberland Artist - original limited edition prints - etchings - monotypes - Newcastle upon Tyne

ARTFINDER: Earth Lines by Rebecca Vincent - This image takes it's inspiration from ploughed fields but when I'm working on the forground area, it becomes more about colour and texture interactions and .

Portrait of a Lady by Cathleen Mann   Museums Sheffield Date painted: 1931

Portrait of a Lady, 1931 by Cathleen Mann was the daughter of Scots painter Harrington Mann.

Woman working in Newcastle factory, 1918  Sir John Lavery

British Paintings: Women working in factory, Newcastle, from British Artists at the Front, Continuation of The Western Front, 1918 - Sir John Lavery

The Baltic and Millennium Bridge by Judy Appleby   -   North of…

The Baltic and Millennium Bridge by Judy Appleby - North of England art club