More ideas from June

Create something amazing with fabric and thread! Choose from hundreds of free and designer sewing patterns, bag patterns and quilting patterns.

Ironing Board Re-cover Tutorial

My ironing board has been looking rather sad and sorry for itself for a while now and it's been in the back of my head to recover it in some funky fabric, then when Mr Plush informed me that our cu.

Hot Water Bottle Cover Tutorial And Free Pattern

Make the winter’s night more cosy by learning to make this hot water bottle cover. Free tutorial and pattern.

The Pantry Before

A fabulous and detailed method for how to organize your pantry and three reasons why you should even both with organizing your pantry.

Beautiful Twisted Turban Headband – DIY

New way to wear a head scarf! DIY Head Scarf - Wrap the scarf around your head with the middle of the scarf at the nape of your neck Twist the two ends around eachother once Wrap the scarf back down to the bottom of your head and knot with a bow!

DIY Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband)

My fabric belt in Leo look now as a wire headband - Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband)