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The fun of scratch art is that kids can create original designs while revealing wonderful colours underneath. A simple and effective craft, our super range of products includes magnets, decorations and pictures.
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make a scratch art creature - make a ddrawing , outline with black glue, colour in sections with coloured oil pastel, paint sections with dark coloured paint, when each section is scratched, the colour combinations will look brilliant!maybe background is painted black?

scratch art owl - make a drawing , outline with black glue, color in sections with colored oil pastels, paint sections with different colored paint

owl (oil pastel) from a 4th grade art class  using line to show texture;also several Kindinsky-inspired lessons

grade week 15 spring 2016 owl (oil pastel) from a grade art class posted by Dawn Lynn

Bisqued clay colored with oil pastels then bathed in watered down black tempera paint - final rinse under water.

Tart--Teaching Art with Attitude. Claywith oil pastels and watered down black tempera paint.

crayon resist (pattern, contrast, line quality, repetition)

Crayon resist (pattern, contrast, line quality, repetition, overlap)

oil (pastel) from Wildcats Create! (illustrator unknown)

Fourth grade created these sweet owls for Fall using oil pastels. I love how each of them have their very own personality and tons of colo.

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Oil Pastel Owl on Velvet Paper

Check out student artwork posted to Artsonia from the Oil Pastel Owls project gallery at Kids Art Academy.