Weirdest public phone booths

Weirdest public phone booths
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Call the blue rooster!!-Weirdest public phone booths

This is taking a normal phone booth and transforming it into something that you would never have thought about yourself. Does it work by making it look like a rooster? Probably not, but hey as long as the phone works surely that is the main thing?

Knitted?-Weirdest public phone booths

London Telephone Booth by Deadly Knitshade (Knit the City) yarn bombing. Not crochet, but still.

Is that a monkey lion?-Weirdest public phone booths

An effigy of a golden lion tamarin as a public telephone booth in a Brazilian municipality

Twins-Weirdest public phone booths

Phone booths are everywhere and while the standard appearance is pretty boring some cities have designed creative public phone booths to liven up the