Osborne & Little: F6943-01

Viceroy Velvet Fabric A breathtaking fabric featuring a sumptuous large scale damask composed of velvet appliqué and stylised marigolds embroidered in glossy yarns. Depicted in vibrant blues, pinks and purples on a plain aubergine ground.

Osborne & Little: F6945-01

Exquisite designer fabrics, wall coverings and wallpapers, trimmings and accessories by Osborne & Little, Nina Campbell, Matthew Williamson and Lorca

Osborne & Little: F6794-04

Matthew Williamson at Osborne & Little - Cubana Collection, Habanera Print

Osborne & Little: F6946-01

Yamuna Fabric An exquisitely detailed fabric with a large scale exotic paisley design embroidered in teal, pink and yellow threads on a plain graphite ground. The river Yamuna is the longest tributary of the Ganges.

Osborne & Little: F6637-01

Mustique Fabric A hardwearing cotton velvet fabric printed with a geometric stripe design conveying a gemstone effect in jade.

Osborne & Little: F6942-02

Osborne & Little (Matthew Williamson), Jali Trellis,