No Bake Sand Cake - To the Moon and Back

No Bake Sand Cake - A fun dessert for kids. Like this idea for dirt cake with gummy worms.

Creative DIY Rain Chains

10 Creative DIY Rain Chain Ideas

Create your own beach and enjoy how great this dough feels squished between your fingers.

Sand Play Dough 1 cup of all-purpose flour 1 cup of fine beach sand cup of salt 1 tbs of cream of tartar 1 tbs of veg oil 1 tbs glycerine cup boiling water

Squishy Balloon Pals

Squishy Balloon Pals

Creamy coconut play dough recipe with 2 ingredients!

Creamy Coconut Play Dough Recipe

Creamy Coconut Play Dough Recipe Ingredients needed: 1 cup cornflour (cornstarch) 5 tbsps coconut hair conditioner

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs! I've used plaster Paris on balloon to make a dinosaur egg

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs!

Oh and another dinosaur egg. this one looks like it might be fun.A NEW recipe for making dinosaur eggs using only two ingredients. These magic eggs hatch and everything to reveal baby dinosaurs!

Cute summer counting activity. Could use black beans instead

Watermelon Seed Counting

Watermelon Seed Counting - Cute and simple summer counting activity! FREE watermelon template or you can make them out of paper plates and have them color it for some art fun!

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