Moomintroll - Tove Jansson. Moomintroll series were my favourite childhood books. I hope to pass the love of these books on to my kids.

Moomintroll getting tea from the flooded moomin house. I always found this so sad, because the moomin house is so gorgeous.

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Tove Jansson - moomin monorex print 1 VIA Le Cornacchie della Moda


Charming Moomin Easter paintings by Tove Jansson

tove jansson - moomins

aubreylstallard: Tove Jansson (White Winter Hymnal)

I cannot emphasize my love of Tove Jansson and the magnificent Moomintrolls. Finn Family Moomintroll is one of my favorite books and the entire Moomintroll series (and comics) are truly magical.

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