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an aerial view of a road intersection in the middle of nowhere
We verbinden #Nederland
Door middel van het aanleggen van #infrastructuur. Zo ook hier op de #N34 in #Drenthe, waar we de werkzaamheden met #droneshots hebben vastgelegd.
a robot that is standing in the middle of a room with some machines on it
How you can realise the benefits of 3D printing
The BAM Weber Beamix 3D printer uses 3D geometric designs to make elements that can be combined into structures such as bridges, retaining walls, outlet details, street furniture and even skate ramps. The chosen design is printed using a concrete mortar mix, which is driven through a printing nozzle from a concrete pump that is affixed to a robotic arm by a hose. The arm delivers layer upon layer of mortar approximately 5mm thick to build up the 3D element.
three pictures of workers working on machines in a factory, and one shows the assembly process
3D Printer
BAM are leading the way for 3D printing within the industry.
an automated robot working on concrete in a building with other workers standing around and looking at it
3D Printing
Showcasing our 3D printing capabilities