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many people are walking around in front of some tall buildings and one has a clock tower
Paradise development, Birmingham
Construction of our Paradise development in the centre of Birmingham
a large building with lots of graffiti on it's side
King's Cross
The new scaffold cover at BAM Construction's German Gym site in King's Cross is attracting lots of attention and featured in today's issue of TimeOut magazine! It was designed by illustrator Gregori Saavedra. You can see St Pancras on the left, and the newly built Grid Iron building we recently finished on the right.
an old building being demolished with a crane in the foreground and a sign that reads hunter street
Security Check Required
Demolition at 110 Queen Street, Glasgow
a tall building with a sign on it's side next to a crane in the sky
Leading construction and property services company
BAM are currently building the new Aston Students Village for Aston University
a large building lit up at night with colorful lights
Night time view of Leeds Arena, being built by BAM
a man holding a large piece of wood in his hand while standing inside of a building under construction
BAM has celebrated structural completion of the link between the Kings Cross Central development and the world-famous Tube and train stations nearby. The South East region completed the Pancras Spur, a 90m-long pedestrian tunnel linking new office block B2 with the High Speed One pedestrian link, bang on schedule. When open next spring, the spur will allow the general public to access local, national and international rail services at Kings Cross and St Pancras stations from the public realm.
an aerial view of a city with lots of tall buildings and cars on the road
Ariel view of the futuristic looking Leeds Arena. BAM is delivering the design and construction of a 12,500 seat entertainment focused multi-use arena, together with all associated external works and infrastructure.
a man is working on the side of a large tire structure in front of construction cranes
Over 300 huge bespoke cast iron columns are being installed at BAM’s Block B2 site, part of the King’s Cross Central development. The iron twisted columns reflect the Victorian heritage of the site. Each one is made at the Hargreaves Foundry, which has supplied castings to the engineering and construction industries for approximately 130 years.