Artist Christiane David

Christiane David, painter and owner of the Christiane David Gallery in Lancaster, PA

"Blue Sky" needle-felted piece (Deebs Fiber Art on Etsy)

Blue Sky - Needlefelt Art XLarge - Mat Included - Mounted and Frame Ready

Mixed Media Collage - Julie Shackson Artist

Julie Shackson - Mixed Media Collage, textures and tones are intriguing and also add a mystical effect.

The Clear Blue by Moy Mackay .  FELT.

The Clear Blue by Moy Mackay . I have a new appreciation of the possibilities of using felt as an artistic medium.

Light & shadow

Quiet Evening by Deebs Fiber Arts, I wish a wolf's eyes were popping out from the bushes!

'Sunset', needle felting.

8 x 10 needlefelt wool on felt with art yarn. Wanted to use some new wool from Holly for the sky :) Nice sunset colors!

Sea Shore - Needlefelt

Sea Shore - Needlefelt Art XLarge - Mat included - Mounted and Frame Ready