This is what I was telling my mother the other day!! Fascinating people do NOT have clean homes!!

Dull women have immaculate houses. As you can see, I come from s long line of fascinating women.

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Where Do All The Socks Go? [COMIC]

The Buddy System If only it worked like that.if only that happened in real life

LOL! When I have friends over, I turn on low lamps instead of overhead lights--gives illusion my house is cleaner!

The Perfect Solution

Instead of cleaning the house, I just turn off the lights.good idea, must try.

lay down

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This does not apply to me as I enjoy a clean house that smells so good. But you have to admit this is a cute pin ha ha

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Back away from the vacuum! Get a Blue Belle Cleaner today! Harrogate / Sale / Chorlton

Can't you ever relax? Answer: No I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder that causes me to feel restless. This is me at yoga!

I wish my bank account filled up as fast as my laundry basket.

Aunty Acid: I wish my bank account filled up as fast as my laundry basket.