Just for fun I thought I'd add a season board for this winter.
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the sun is shining through the trees in the forest with snow on the ground and bare branches
Winter Sunset...Lights up the forrest floor...
a frozen waterfall with snow on the ground
Frozen Waterfall
two snowflakes sitting on top of a pile of black and white fabric with a quote about nature
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a man is skiing in the snow next to an iceberg that looks like it has icicles on it
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Amazing, I've never seen this before - Frozen Tsunami In Antarctica.
an ice covered lighthouse on the ocean with snow and icicles hanging from it's sides
Ice covered lighthouse in Maine
an iceberg is seen through a hole in the water
Beautiful Ice Window With A View.
the sun is setting over a lake with snow flakes on it and grass in the foreground
a full moon is seen over the ocean in this black and white photo with water reflection
Blue Moon Rising
the moon is reflected in the water as it rises above the horizon and reflects on the surface
winter solstice, from: the spirit that moves me: Creating ritual
the mountains are reflected in the still water
Day Out - Loch Etive near Glencoe, Scotland (End of the road James Bond: Skyfall was filmed!)
Loch Etive near Glencoe, Scotland.
the trees are covered in snow and light from the sun shining down on them at night
Share your winter scenes (SLR, camera, sunset, great shots) - Photography -Digital cameras, SLR, lenses, printing, processing, colors, black-and-white, wedding...
Winter sunset
a dirt road surrounded by trees covered in spanish moss
I feel absolutely fabulous
Winter walks