La lengua de Brad jaja xx

The Vamps - So you get Tristan and Connor being normal then you get pouty James and then you get whatever the hell Brad is doing.

brad and tristan

The Vamps brad & tristan

James McVey and Bradley Simpson // The Vamps

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The cutest bromance in the Vamps!

Tristan Evans & Bradley Simpson. Tristley <3 I LOVE THIS PICTURE <3

Tristan Evans & Bradley Simpson❤❤❤❤ the vamps

Omg both so adorable

James and brad are perfect. I love them so much! The vamps are literally the hottest guys in the world

The Vamps

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The Vamps in hollywood

Tristan Evans and Bradley Simpson

Tristan Evans Bradley Will Simpson

The Vamps

The Vamps wallpaper

Okay Brad..

I'm sorry but Brad in the first one you look like a very pretty girl.

the Vamps

the Vamps. Tristan what's on your face? Lol << He probably doesn't know.