Neighbourhood Guide: Shoreditch

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Got some time in Shoreditch? This is the guide for you...


The Shoreditch Butchery London Bar

The Shoreditch Butchery

Just off Old Street roundabout, the Shoreditch Butchery has taken over what was…

Summer cocktails in the city - Liz G tells us her favourite new openings in for the summer of 2013


When we heard that our favourite New Orleans themed-bar was shutting up shop,…

Happiness Forgets: lounge bar (Old Street)

Happiness Forgets

Happiness is found in Hoxton Square with cocktails you won't be able to forget

The Nightjar - A Speakeasy Bar That's No Fly-by-Night Behind an unassuming black door, a stone’s throw from Old Street, you’ll look for find London’s highly acclaimed prohibition bar that lives and.

The Nightjar

This discreet bar tucked away near Old Street roundabout is the best thing to…

The Clove Club

We’ve waited for this one to open for a while, and now it’s here we’re…

Shoreditch House

The sexiest of the London Soho House groups shot up in Shoreditch, some ten…

Casa Negra is a neighbourhood Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch. Best for double or group dates, start at Happiness Forgets end at Hoxton Hotel.

Hoi Polloi is an all day restaurant in the Ace Hotel on Shoreditch High Street. It's a relaxed East London lunch date between freelancers, or dinner for two.

Beagle located in London's Shoreditch, is not only a restaurant but a bar and coffee shop as well. Collaboration of London-based practice Fabled Studio and C-O Workshop, shaped identity of the restaurant, interior design and proper branding.


These guys impressed us with Bonnie Gull and then they set up shop under the…

Brew Bar at Ozone Cafe in Shoreditch


Welcome to Ozone, a coffee lovers paradise. Not only do they serve great…

Polo Bar

One of London’s oldest standing 24 hour cafés, this place is a proper greasy…