Rebecca Horn, Large Feather Wheel 1997

Rebecca Horn, Large Feather Wheel, or lights that work for me- this is COOL

Rebecca Horn Der Eintänzer (Dance Partner) film still; Rebecca Horn kinetic sculpture: The Feathered Prison Fan (source)

white body fan by Rebecca Horn

Weisser Körperfächer, 1972 (White Body Fan) / 2 by Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn She points out that the women always have loads of baby when that not true its really about if she really want to have that many.

Rebecca Horn/Body Landscapes

Rebecca Horn, stills of her drawing mask in action

Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn is a German installation artist and film director most famous for her body modifications

Rebecca Horn - Pencil Mask Performing with a costume and mark making/ illustrating The Tate

Rebecca Horn ‘Pencil Mask’, 1972 © DACS, 2015 What are art making tools supposed to look like?