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Despite our combined decades of experience, we still analyse and learn every day at Barrachd. We'll share our findings with you, separating fact from fiction and what works from what doesn’t.
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IBM's Cognos Analytics Brings Cognitive Computing to the BI World - YourDailyTech

IBM's Cognos Analytics Brings Cognitive Computing to the BI World

Last December IBM announced general availability of IBM Cognos Analytics, a business intelligence tool that improves on fundamental analytics processes while also

Cognos analytics 11.0.4 #IBM #Cognos #Analytics - what's new?

Cognos analytics - what's new?

BARC Top ranked planning and analytics -

Are we achieving the promise analytics capabilities?

From great leaders to connected minds, the Big Data Roundup looks to the future of data today.

Watson Analytics goes back to school

2018 is when IBM will embark on its new journey of growth and dominance in its chosen cognitive intelligence and cloud computing segments.

Smart universities are using analytics to answer their big 'what if' questions, freeing themselves from Excel Hell as they plan for an influx of students.

With a projected graduation date of May 2016 and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a Minor in Business Administration degree, Mondshine is sure to excel in his professional career.

Mace creates and manages the world’s most amazing buildings. So, building a more efficient reporting solution was seen as an opportunity to achieve better.

Building brilliant buildings and robust reporting - Barrachd

Leading, not playing catch-up the #IBM #Analytics suite

Leading, not playing catch-up the #IBM #Analytics suite

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