50 Human Rights Cases That Transformed Britain

Human Rights Myths Exposed! This myth-busting visualization will take news-making human rights stories and explain the reality behind the headline

How Data Visualisation can eradicate bias and inaccurate assumptions

Our brains fool us all the time. And we typically have no idea that it’s happening.

From a galaxy far, far away, to the future of immersive data right on our doorstep, our roundup brings you our favourite big data news from the week.

Business analysts at Kogod School of Business analysed the careers of 23 actors by comparing total box office revenue of the Star Wars films to their total career box office revenue.

UK Data of bike theft #infographic #dataviz #bikes

UK Data of bike theft #infographic #dataviz #bikes


We analyse the characters played by every winner of an ‘actor/actress in a leading role’ Oscar since 1928 to work out the parts which most reliably lead to glory. Historic South American criminals, it appears, need not apply.