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Shirley Jackson-inventor of the touch-tone telephone, caller ID and the fiber optic cable.

There was no Exodos

No evidence for Exodus. Nothing in the Bible is real, nothing happened, GIVE IT UP Christians & other religious people, WAKE UP!

While this is true, please understand that they weren't crafty enough to keep us from realizing who we are and who Esau is.  What they chose to put in bible   continues to prove how hard they work in the attempt to keep us ignorant of our history.  By all means study and research the truth!

This is totally correct! I have studied history & theology for decades! The entire propaganda referenced here is the basis of this book of contradiction & fiction, based upon word-of-moth stories - NOT - facts. Wake up people! Stop with the gullibility!

Black History in Europe – a Synopsis : EXPOSING BLACK TRUTH

While we preach "White Jesus", this is who we worship in secret. The BLACK MADONNA. Known all over the world, but NEVER talked about in the USA. Hmmm Wake up, people.


So if this is known in Russia, and The Black Madonna & child is worshipped WORLDWIDE, then why only in Amerikkka you're only told about "white Jesus" who is actually Cesar Borgia? (One for the preachers to answer)