More ideas from barry

Living off the grid

Outdoor bath "Paulina Wojciechowska, a qualified architect and active promoter of sustainable living who creates earth-made homes. I love her earth tub"

build a barrel stove

1 steel drum 8 L-brackets 1 hinge 22 Phillips head bolts with square nuts and washers 10 self-tapping screws (to fit stove pipe onto stove) 6 coach/carriage bolts (for fitting the draft) with nuts and washers Black wood stove spray paint

BBQ Smoker Project

This is my first smoker project. This was a fun project for never having welded before. I used a Lincoln Power Mig I am trying to find someone.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Fire pits and grills made from old rims!

weld two rims back to back.cut access hole in side with torch. about high x wide (for a rim ) Weld two 1 x length tubes to bottom rim for air gap and support (place on outer edge of bottom rim ) .