Childhood and Teenage Memories
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All that was part of my long departed childhood and teenage years. I could even call it a dying race.

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I remember playing my 45's on a record player a lot like this one!

eBay watch: 1960s Dansette Viva record player in mint condition

played vinyl singles at a speed of which normally had 1 song on side A and 1 song on side B,and vinyl LP albums aka Long Players (Albums) at LP's typically had about 6 songs on each side at lasted about 45 mins in total

Ah...remember this? It's not quite the same now with all the E numbers and artificial things taken out,but I used to love this when I was little!

Butterscotch Angel Delight, a yummy cheap pudding, we always had something sweet for pudding, this was one of my favourites, It still is my hubbies favourite flavour

johnny morris the voice of animals

johnny morris the voice of animals / Animals appeared to talk like humans ! He was such a lovely man with such a friendly and interesting voice 👍

Embassy Regal Coupon

Embassy Regal Coupon My gran collected these. Bundled in with elastic bands.

School Compass #Childhoodmemories #nostalgia

School Compass #Childhoodmemories #nostalgia

"A finger of Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat" 80s TV ad

Cadbury's Fudge was (is) a stick of fudge, covered in chocolate. The ad I recall involved kids coming out of school,.

images of crime tv shows | Watch Columbo - TV Series Online

While never an absolute favourite of mine, I do like watching Columbo every now and again. Peter Falk was so cute as the seemingly bumbling detective.

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My favourite choc

My favourite choc