Petit Cabinet de Curiosites~ by anna jung design. Gyspy art! Twigs arranged for this moment reinforce how structurally secure branches are and tell us to go ahead and just live completely in this moment.

Environmental art: Bronwyn Berman beach weaving - The wave land art installation great texture ,shape and use of natural materials.

Cornish Slate Line - Richard Long 1990 Tate Gallery London

Richard long, cornish slate line, tate gallery london, 1990

Nice to do on the beach!!!  Dietmar Voorwold, "AmStrand" (53)  With a click on 'Send as art card', you can send this art work to your friends - for free!

Dietmar Voorwold, "AmStrand" Mit einem Klick auf 'Als Kunstkarte versenden'…

andy goldsworthy - it would be interesting to use talc to create a disted affect around the model for a photo shoot, also mimmic patterns in the garment possible like she is imprinting on her surroundings.

Andy Goldsworthy's Rivers Tides DVD ~ Andy Goldsworthy, In Nature

Cristopher Cichocki

A photo by Cristopher Cichocki, Land Spore (Desert Reserve), 2011

Still from Jim Dine: A Self-Portrait on the Walls.

Jim Dine drawing self-portrait on gallery wall.

Andy Goldworthy

A Goldsworthy-Nature Art

Andy Goldsworthy - thrown paint in wind [visualising the invisible]

Smoke and colors - Louis LANDER -DEACON - Oh man. I’ll never tire of colored-smoke-in-the-woods photos.

richard long installation .

Five Paths Richard Long 2004

Long often creates lines in landscapes to provide a narrative, or a journey, for the viewer to follow. These directional lines point away from the camera and lead us through different environments.

Richard Long - A line in the Himalayas, 1975

Richard Long ~ Untitled, 1991 (mud on paper)

Richard Long ~ Untitled, 1991 (mud on paper)

To The Studios, 1983, Frank Auerbach. British Painter, born in Germany. 1931.

Frank Auerbach - To The Studios, 1983


“ Frank Auerbach (British, b., Oil on cardboard, x cm ”

Frank Auerbach's Mornington Crescent - Winter Morning 1989. Photograph: Frank Auerbach/Tate Britain

Frank Auerbach: the master painter of deepest, darkest London

Mornington Crescent - Winter Morning by Frank Auerbach

Frank Auerbach

Towards Mornington Crescent Station by Frank Auerbach