glow in the dark bowling. How fun for camping or the backyard!

Clear 2 liter bottle + water + glow sticks + ball = night time bowling or in a dark Gym!

Roll a six and you get to splash the water. Haha! It's so simple, but you know kids would love that.

Shark and Water Themed Fun

Shark and Water Themed Fun. Kids sit around a pan full of water, and take turns rolling a dice. If they roll a they get to slap their hand in the pan and splash everyone.

Blackboard paint tree slices for natural mark making on the go. Great outdoor mark making idea. Kiddies could do this before working in their sketchbook. A basket of these for children to take out and explore.

26 Beautiful Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

Super fun backyard game for cook outs and Summer parties - fun for kids of all ages #kids #kids_stuff

Backyard fun, Easy enough to make! Life-size Kerplunk game (with instructions). I love lawn games! What is better than playing giant games outside? :) DIY lawn game, DIY yard game, go outside

and yet so many eductaors are so quick to say 'put down the stick' before watching what the children are doing with it.

how many right angles can be created Outdoor Maths: investigating right angles with sticks — Creative STAR Learning