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Bernadene Mc Callion

Bernadene Mc Callion
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Children of the Tribe #words

May humanity be our race. May love be our religion. We cannot let these times take our faith in each other away from us. For it is during trying times that faith is needed the most.

re: victim, as in still living as one, add onto the list a cheater. If they cheated on someone to marry you, well expect them to continue the habit.

Dang I wish I would have seen this years ago. Now he is living with his cheater girlfriend for 2 years and he won't give me a divorce. I hope she realizes that they can't get married until I have a divorce.

My Funeral Poems Verses Quotes page has hand selected material for this sad time and leads to more poems on other pages.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Suess 20 Funeral Quotes for A Loved One's Eulogy