Martin Parr - Leaning Tower Of Pisa. I really like this picture as it is very humorous. It shows what actually happens at the leaning Tower of Pisa in everyday life. This photo photo was taken outside so it is in natural lighting, and there is no composition rule I see particularly clearly. Maybe that the tower of Pisa is more one the side than in the middle.

(Martin Parr - Leaning Tower Of Pisa) I love this photo as it is very humorous. The photographer has captured what actually happens at the leaning Tower of Pisa in everyday life and I love it.

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Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Martin Parr. Martin Parr thinks of his photography as an ongoing investigation of human interactio…

Martin Parr British 1952-  Parr’s use of intense colour and his ability to raise the snapshot to the level of art has led to him being recognised as the master chronicler of the every day.

Martin Parr - British documentary photographer, photojournalist and photo book collector.

Martin Parr "typical british seaside"- british flag, seagulls, chips

How has England changed since 1994?

Westbay, 1996 Color photography © Copyright Martin Parr/Magnum PhotosCourtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Pari.

Life’s A Beach © Martin Parr, Spain, Benidorm, 1997

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