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well-designed breakfast menu
M_4 Great Menu Design: This is the brunch menu from Sauce in New York. It feels so cozy, like breakfast at Grandma's house. The wallpaper-like patterns feel so homey and small-town, but the black silhouettes give a nice, modern touch. The double columns make the layout easy to read. The font is fresh and friendly. This menu is the perfect mix of down home eclectic and modern, and I get the feeling this is exactly what dining at this restaurant is all about.
Art of the Menu: Eleven City Diner (breakfast menu).
Art of the Menu: Eleven City Diner (breakfast menu).
Chick-a-Biddy Farm Fresh Chicken & Sides is a southern cooking inspired chicken restaurant with a twist. Located in Atlanta, GA. The overall concept rooted in southern cuisine, is never pretentious, always delicious. Chick-a-Biddy strives to serve food that is raised properly and is in fact better for us. Chick-a-Biddy just as the name suggests is well crafted southern cooking which is exactly what we wanted our brand to reflect.
Seafood Shanty Dinner Menu
stock vector : Collection of vintage retro grunge seafood restaurant labels, badges and icons
Easter Crafts: 25 Fun and Adorable Easter Tutorials
washi tape easter egg wreath or do this with christmas ornaments - plain red balls, etc.