Christmas Quiche | Eggs Recipes | Jamie Oliver

Let the kids help make this Christmas quiche recipe from Jamie Oliver, sure to be a party staple the recipe epitomises the flavours of the festive season.

Easy homemade curry pastes

Easy homemade curry pastes - Jamie Oliver's easy curry paste recipes for making a mean korma, jalfrezi, rogan josh, tikka masala and vindaloo -- Use in place of a half jar of Patak's jars of paste

Hot & Smoky Vindaloo | Friday Night Feasts | Jamie Oliver

Jamie's hot and smoky vindaloo recipe isn't for the faint hearted; made with pork belly this vindaloo is bursting with flavour and aromas.

Jamie’s Ultimate Apple Pie

Jamie’s Ultimate Apple Pie. Such a brilliant idea. This recipe adds in black berries and uses puff pastry sheets instead of the awful normal pie crust that gets stuck at the bottom of the pan. I approve!

Jamie’s Awesome Roast Turkey

Jamie Oliver shows you the best way to prepare and roast a turkey. With a delicious flavoured butter, top stuffing tips, and safe cooking times & temperature.

Christmas Turkey | Turkey Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes

A must this year! If you're worried about cooking the perfect Christmas turkey because you're afraid you'll get it wrong, don't be. This recipe is nice and simple and will help you achieve brilliant results for your Christmas meal.

Get Ahead Gravy | Chicken Recipes | Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver make ahead gravy, skip the rush to make on the day! Put in bags and freeze flat so its ready.

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