would a cupcake help? * not earrings ... cell phone charm, zipper pull ...

DIY - Cupcake anyone? < hate it as jewellery, but would be neat keychains or cellphone charms as gifts.

Beaded Cupcake Tutorial P5 by MythrilAngel on DeviantArt

The first page of my beaded cupcake tutorial. This can also be done with bugle beads that are half the size, using a base of 6 instead of and using ONLY size 15 beads, to create a micro cupcake~.

3D Beaded Cupcake ~ Free Tutorial at  www.beadjewelrymaking.com

beaded Cupcake tutorial It's the pink cupcake tutorial lots of you were voted and waiting for! It's not too difficu

Beaded Cupcakes

inch, light weight, hand woven glass seed bead cupcake earrings on sterling silver ear wires.