The pieces never moved very well!

vintage toy - travel number puzzle game by christian montone - i remember busting the tiles out and putting them back n how i wanted!

Overhead Projector

Soon, kids will not know what these were used for.

Kids today have no clue what this is.My biology teacher in school wrote so many notes on this! My school still has these lying around. So does the school I went to a couple years ago so

green shield mum used to collect theses and I would help her stick them in here book, we used to save them up then trade them in for something she wanted, good old days

Remember these into the mid Shops gave them with a whole variety of stuck them into boks and exchanged them for a variety of household goods at 'Green Shield Stamp Shops'. There were also Pink Stamps.

SHAPE-O by Tupperware

Vintage Tupperware Shape O Sorter Ball Toy by RetroClassics - I still have mine from years ago, my old played with it too!

Roller blackboards.

Roller blackboards, chalk and board dusters, on a raised platform, so the teacher could look down on you.

Slides and Slide Shows

remember these? We used to have movie night, growing up, and my Dad would set up the screen and projector and we'd sit for hours watching old pics!

UK - Bassett's - Jelly Babies sweet box - 1970's to early 1980's

UK - Bassett's - Jelly Babies candy box - I remember buying these at the pictures