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a man sitting at a mixing desk surrounded by sound equipment
Fascinating Photos of Famous Musicians in Their Studios
a living room filled with furniture and musical equipment
Assault & Battery 1 Image Gallery | Miloco UK Mixing Studio Photos
Assault & Battery 1 live room. Is that a Naumann fet 47?
a close up of an electronic device with knobs on it's sides and buttons
Feeling steampunk-y? Put that DIY boutique guitar pedal in your pedalboard and you're good to go!
a recording studio with sound board, mixing equipment and lights on the wall behind it
Sound City Studios | Music studio room, Recording studio design, Music studio
Sound City Studio Neve board. There are only 4 consoles like this ever created. Rupert Neve, you genius.
an empty room with a piano and musical instruments
Motown Studio A
a home recording studio with many electronic equipment
New studio desk : finally done and wired up. @mutemath Album 5 in full swing.
an audio mixing desk in a recording studio
Residential Recording Studios in UK, Europe, USA, Asia
Attica Audio Recording - Control Room Gallery | Miloco
three different views of the inside of a lab
Sony Music has installed a record cutting lathe in its Tokyo studio
Sony Music has installed a record cutting Neumann VMS70 lathe in its Tokyo studio
a living room with couches and a flat screen tv
Pro Audio Acoustic Treatments for sale | eBay
2x Audio Kinetic Recording Studio Isolation Screens 9ftx5ft | eBay