No, they won't.  Lol

We live in my mother's house with her, as caregivers.a corded phone in EVERY room! and I think everyone we knew then had the list of numbers posted on the wall by the phone]

fuzzy felts!...LURVE  fuzzy felts.. you'd get them stuck on your socks and cardi sleeves..hahaha.. great little game ..lots of different sets too.

Vintage/retro toy FUZZY-FELT 'PICTURES' Made in England I had one of these. I also have a newer one in my storeroom at school-must get it out for the kids!

Snoopy thermos flask - I have a picture of a blue one too, but mine was Red.. :-)

Vintage Snoopy thermos flask - My first lunchbox was THIS - the lunchbox itself was vinyl and buttoned with a goldtone twist clasp. This is the exact thermos.

Vintage Children's Hankies

The Northampton, Market Harborough, Stamford, Olney, Leamington Spa & Stratford upon Avon Fairs


I liked her because she was one of the smallest dolls around, and you could pop her in your bag. Her hair was such a pretty colour :)

Legendary Tony Hart

'Good, bad, average' the sound of me and my sis judging the gallery on Hartbeat, LOVED that show Tony Hart- Hartbeat - kids tv

Screwball Ice Cream- classic treat from the ice cream man, they have the gumball at the bottom.

Screwball Ice Cream- classic treat from the ice cream man, they have the gum ball at the bottom.

Always cleansed with this or baby lotion...that's why I still look younger lol

anne french deep cleansing milk - remember cleansing my face with this the night before my wedding!

Bod   still remember theme tune!

Bod, and Aunty Flo. Again my brain's singing the theme tune.

"Skippy the Bush Kangaroo" an Australian television series for children; 1966–1968

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo - Complete Series NEW PAL Cult 14-DVD Set Australia

Bathed in this when I had severe chicken pox.  They were everywhere!

Calamine lotion used for sun burn, poison ivy blisters. It is a chalky pink color. Calamine is either a mixture of Zinc Oxide with about ferric oxide or a zinc carbonate compound.

Baked bean can rocket, character with wooden spoons for arms and hands what more could an 80's kid as for?!#TSVDAYCOMP

Button moon: One of the ealiest programmes i remember watching when i was little. Bunch of characters made from kitchen utensils go to the moon, thats its. When i was a tiddler i thought it was just great. "off to button moon" :)