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Dinah Beaton
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Have you tried making homemade Pizza Margherita? A handful of simple, fresh ingredients are all you will need to make this iconic pizza from Naples!

20 Inspiring Dinners That Will Help You Eat Around the Globe

The dust has settled on the giving season. Mostly likely, your organization received donations from current and new donors. What you should be thinking about next is how to engage and retain these …

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How to Achieve Beautiful Bokeh (Bokeh, Simply put, is the aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photograph. It relates to how nice the background blur looks when out-of-focus. Knowing that, you can start to see the uses for it.

This photo was taken at Alberta's Abraham Lake, where methane from decaying plant life rises to the surface and becomes trapped under ice, resulting in these bubbles. "There's usually a seven-minute window every year to photograph them in the best conditions before snow or warm temperatures affect the lake. I've waited five years to photograph them in these conditions, trying and failing every year up until this year." — @calsnape

It was like being on another planet the beautiful frozen methane bubbles trapped in a frozen Abraham Lake by calsnape