Glitter lips tutorial

Glitter lips tutorial

use a cotton swab dampened with water to dip into the glitter and dab over lipstick until covered. (Looks like black lipstick, purple/blue glitter)

Red Ombre Lips

Red Ombre Lips: Use wine lip liner. highlight the lower and upper middle lip with orange lipstick.

Perfect fall/winter makeup: Black mascara, taupe shadow, structured brow, and rich red lips. Classic.

a hint of gold eye shadow, bold red lip + freckles. not alot of eye shadow, but can still see my freckles. coz they tend to wash me out if they are covered completely.

rainbow lips

Many makeup are existing in market to make our lips still beauty. Mainly lip sleep it is a line of makeup used to make lips to emerge bigger. Here you can see fantastic pictures of lips, wish you love it.