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31 Best Fitted Wardrobes

Loft Extension with Panelling & Built-in Wardrobes

Loft extensions: a users guide

Andrea + Dan - MY DREAM CLOSET! I'd trade husband and son for this, probably!This is probably far too high end... can't help loving it though!

Aménagement de maison: 30 photos par Olga Kataevskaya

This site has super cool home design decor! I love this idea, remodel the attic for a walk-in closet/getting ready room!

Great idea to create a sort of walk-in closet behind the bed. Great lights and mirror.

Bedroom: PARIS SOLFÉRINO: The Latest from Sara Lavoine. Very clever with the backlit mirror. Note: Woman need a big full body mirror as much as they need a walk-in wardrobe

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