Brownie in a Cup on Simply Recipes This has just got to be tried...

Brownie in a Mug by Simply Recipes. No eggs. Lacked the chewiness and fudginess of a brownie, and was too sweet even with only 2 T of sugar. Added a chunk of chocolate - that helped. Next time would add chocolate chips and stir into batter.

Best-ever brownies - one to try for my site!

Best ever chocolate brownies

Best-ever brownies ratings unsalted butter best dark chocolate plain flour cocoa powder white chocolate milk chocolate 3 large eggs golden caster sugar

The healthy Chocolate and beetroot brownies - will it work?!

Chocolate and beetroot brownies

RECIPE: Chocolate and beetroot brownies, scrumptious on a cold winters day @ Rivercottage

Leftover Easter egg brownies - great idea for my recipe search!

12 recipe ideas for leftover chocolate

Leftover Easter egg brownies - "Leftover Easter Egg" now that's a rare ingredient !

Tasty and FairTrade too! I'll be trying this recipe out soon at

This delicious chocolate brownie is perfect as a dinner party pudding, birthday cake or gift. Rich, indulgent and even better if you make it with FairTrade ingredients!

Oh dear - last night's experiment did NOT go well!

Oh dear - last night's experiment did NOT go well!