Musical Chairs Writing! When the music stops you pick up writing where the last person left off. 10 minute intervals...or with alphabet and numbers :)

PP said, "musical chairs reading. Play music and when the music stops students stop, sit down and start reading! Lots of fun and something different to develop reading interests." Perhaps you could also put letters of alphabet on chairs &/or sight words.

Stone alphabet.

Art idea for class. Assign one letter to each kid and have them paint it on a rock and embellish with details. Display the alphabet rock collection in class

Masher Print Painting - simple process art with kitchen potato mashers

Masher Print Painting

Colorful name activities using pumpkin seeds! Meaningful, beautiful, and educational! #PLAYfulpreschool

Name Activities with Colorful Pumpkin Seeds

Name Activities with Colorful Pumpkin Seeds - Fun-A-Day! Rainbow pumpkin seeds name activities for kids to try today If you really like arts and crafts you actually will really like this cool info!

A book walk! I love this activity for so many reasons. 1) It is great for those who learn best through movement and touch. 2) It gets kids outside. 3) It uses 'realia' to teach vocabulary.

Book Walk

CCPRN recently incorporated a 'Book Walk' into our pre-summer picnics. So what exactly is a book walk? A book walk is a way to encourage children to be involved in a story.

Rainbow Salt Tray

Rainbow Salt Tray

Rainbow Salt Tray : used for spelling practice, math facts and letter practice as well as fun. Pan x works well and I laminated rainbow after putting construction paper together. Add salt or sand.