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Black and white is always amazing. Never been overly keen on butterfly tattoos - they can look cheap and too cartoon-like if not done properly. But in black and white this is stunning.

Awesome tattoo on the neck of this lady - butterflies and flowers. This is the type of tat I just got on my left arm. but in color. Im hoping to eventually get a half sleeve done with more of both :) Check out the website to see

this would be an amazing tattoo

Cover up idea. Antique bird cage with the bird free on top but i want the door open and the victorian style ink cross speck flowers. the cover up would be in the flowers on the top left and this would be a full side peace. but i really like the idea.

feather tattoo- fade to ocean in the bottom. not quite what I was searching for, but this is beautiful

7 Amazing New Tattoo Ideas - Feather Tattoo. You may wonder why people choose to ink feather tattoos on their bodies. Feathers of different birds were rich in symbolic meanings in.