Rebecca Carter

Rebecca Carter

Rebecca Carter
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Space Dust, the Original 'pop-rocks'. I loved this stuff! I do remember Pop Rocks in the late or early Love Pop Rocks strawberry or cherry with a can of Coke, mmmm : )

Sherbert Pips

Sherbert Pips

Um bongo um bongo they drink it in the congo ;)

Um Bongo, Um Bongo they drink it in the Congo - the one made now is so watered down, please manufacturer make the original recipe.

Remember any of these? Old fashioned sweet shop in Rye High Street, East Sussex, UK. There is always a queue! I love sherbert lemons By B Lowe

Old fashioned sweet shop. I remember the one in Tuffley we used to stop in to get all sorts of sweets. My favourite were the Fox Fruits and Mints

retro crisps - chipsticks, frazzles, tubes, monster munch, space raiders

Retro crisp packets - Chipsticks, Frazzles, Tubes, Monster Munch, Space Raiders - bring back Crispy Tubes.

Loved these!!

Funny Feet ice cream – flashback to the I actually bought some of them a few weeks ago & they were better than I remember. There must be an food revival brewing up.

Rowntrees Yorkie easter eggs circa 1984

Rowntree Easter Eggs from the and - gallery - from York Press

Lol I remember the advert where she shouted Trio and her mouth was soooo big! Used to love Trios

Toffee flavoured chocolate bars Trio are also set to make a comeback. Online voters were given the opportunity to vote for new packaging designs too, but many suggested sticking to the original look