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Brown Hare - Elliot Hook Photography

A wildlife gallery dedicated to the Brown Hare (Lepus europaeus) taken around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Suffolk, including Havergate Island

Creep into the Small Forest to discover some unusual scrap metal animals | Creative Boom Blog | Art, Design, Creativity

The Small Forest is an exhibition featuring a series of animal sculptures by Japanese artist Natsumi Tomita created with found objects and salvaged scraps.

Mark the Military Macaw

Mark the Military Macaw was a process of taking thousands of pennies to the railroad tracks and laying them down, going for a hike and returning to pick them up. I had to hand-drill each penny and applied each one with copper nails and a marine-grade adhesive. I was thrilled when it was completed and I could hang it on the studio wall to see the final result.

Rachel Denny is an artist who is best known for her “Domestic Trophies” work – faux deer heads covered in cable knit sweaters. She created this penny covered horse head, entitled War Horse, this year, and it is an amazing piece. - so cool!