I'm Cassandra Clare. I write urban fantasy books about the demon-fighting Shadowhunters. (And I'm also cowriting a series about a young magician called Callum Hunt with Holly Black).

Artist: Jessica Rimondi {abstract male head portrait painting}

Artist: Jessica Rimondi {contemporary abstract male head portrait abstraction painting} Clearly shows the two side of oneself, and I would like to use the color vs black and white concept in my own art

How to draw realistic eyes within a high school Art project

by Elena Tomas Bort, completed as part of Unit Edexcel A Level Art at the Laude British School of Vila-real, Spain.

"Une lenteur naturelle" de Stéphanie Devaux

The subtle washes of ink that bleed into the edges of the paper are contrasted by the bold text that splits the composition asymmetrically.

really love this, but it would be so much more powerful without the cliche mascara tracks

Florian Nicolle is a French graphic designer who has produced a collection of beautiful mixed media illustrations: a combination of dripped paint, newspaper overlays, line drawings and washes of tone.

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Eye studies (F). Recognizes and develops art making as a risk-taking process that incorporates existing knowledge, brainstorming, planning, discovery of unexpected connections, and recognition of serendipity

Case study on two portrait artists. | Photograpy!♥

Case study on two portrait artists.

Case study on two portrait artists. | Photograpy!♥