Mouthwatering - Butterscotch Tart

Butterscotch Tart

This nostalgic Butterscotch Tart takes me straight back to my school days! Buttery shortcrust pastry with that gooey, creamy butterscotch filling.

Chocolate Concrete / Crunch (school dinners)

School Style Chocolate Concrete

Chocolate Crunch It's the ultimate comfort pudding. We all had it at school (usually with pink custard) - Chocolate concrete is having a revival! Every sandwich shop I go in lately has it in the cake display but in.

Cornflake jam tart recipe - simple, nostalgic & delicious!

Get ready for school dinners with your little one, with fond memories. Create your own cornflake jam tart recipe - simple, nostalgic & delicious!

Jam and coconut sponge

A classic pudding that many of us will remember from school – jam and coconut sponge served with lashings of custard to help keep the cold at bay. Shall I start with wishing you all a very belated .

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