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Red Phone Booth Lounger Quirky Couches Made from Repurposed Materials. LAL English Language schools love it!

Artists Repurpose London’s Iconic Red Telephone Boxes into Incredible Artworks! Read more: Artists Repurpose London's Iconic Red Telephone Boxes into Incredible Artworks!

The living room's coffee table is an old coffin trolley

58 photos: Morris-Downing home in Iowa City

I like the idea of making a chair that is filled with something that people really don't want to sit on and causes an involuntary reaction

BRC Designs: Impractically Comfortable Side Chair - Clear acrylic is bound together forming the shape of a side chair. The entire chair forms a hollow inner cavity which is filled with 282 mini bottles of southern comfort. Limited Edition of five

Legs everywhere couch from

1 - Lila Jang's Canape Top 10 Weird and Interesting Products No. 1 - Lila Jang's Canape This sofa gives new meaning to climbing the walls. The piece designed by Lila Jang was recently part of an exhibition called Parcours Saint-Germain in Paris.