painting like Michelangelo - tape paper to underside of desk or table

painting like Michelangelo. Instead of just having sketching time- discover and study Michelangelo, how he hanged upside down while painting. This is also great for students struggling with fine motor hand writing. It builds strength in pincer grasp.

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How to spell: top 10 tricks

spelling For this spelling activity the teacher writes a word on the chalkboard and the students write over it with a paint brush and water. This helps the students get familiar with spelling words and helps them practice writing them.

Teach students to hold their pencil correctly: tear a tissue in half & have them hold it with ring finger & pinky...then they pick up a pencil.  This should give them a natural, comfortable grip.  Grip tip!

How to hold a pencil correctly. Place half a kleenex (whole one too big) have them hold it with the fingers. naturally will hold pencil correctly since are holding kleenex

Finger Gym - wrap a stick

Finger Gym - wrap a stick Ideal as a morning table top activity - ideal to get little fingers ready for writing!

Pirates: Threading 'treasure' onto cocktail sticks - fine motor fun from Rachel (",)

There Be Pirates

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