Woodland Butterfly Suncatcher WIPS.  Work in progress copper wire work and semi-precious gemstone craft project.

Woodland Butterfly Suncatcher WIPs

Woodland Butterfly Suncatcher WIPs - View over my work in progress photographs for this copper wire work and gemstone butterfly suncatcher.

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Salt, glue and watercolor paint process art activity

Salt, glue and watercolor paint process art activity - NurtureStore Glue and watercolor paint process art explorations :: STEAM lesson plans :: art provocations Need excellent hints on arts and crafts?

I like the aesthetic of cutting out an image and placing it in all different places. This could connect to my theme as it could represent how children how been misplaced and changed over generations.

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wetheurban: “ Handmade Collages by Pablo ThecuadRo Keeping old school craft alive in the digital era! A closer look at the mind-bending handmade collage artworks of Spanish photographer and artist.

awesome watercolour ideas...  ...but maybe I won't pour vodka all over my art homework.

Watercolour Texture Techniques Easy watercolor paintings, watercolor textures, aqwarelle ideas, watercolour inspiration, tutorials that i love and inspiration

Lucas Simões (Brazilian b. 1980) sinnerman, Des(z)retrato [unportrait], 2010.  10 fotografias cortadas e sobrepostas entre chapas de acrílico | 10 cut-out photographs and acrylic layers | 41x31cm

Hand Cut Geometrical Portraits collage made by through ten layers of photographs by Lucas Simões, Brazilian. Collage through ten layers of photographs.

Wrapping string, twine, yarn or just about any fiber is another great way to roll texture onto your surface

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Would love the kids to do their own wall art! Different ways to texture with paint using a cardboard paper towel roll with Alisa Burke.

Color Theory Mixing Chart Worksheet

Color Theory Mixing Chart Worksheet