Dulce's Pinterest site is one of the most inspiring and luscious site I've seen thus far; she's pulled some of the most exquisite works of art in fabric and color available on the web, I think.  Click on and see her site, there are too many to bump over to mine.  The challenge is to choose just one to duplicate!

Hooterville Quilt Pattern - Wendy Williams - Australian Quilt - Designer - just like to look at this for inspiration!

Felted Wool Kindle cover -- Blossoms pattern by Black Mountain Needleworks.

Blossoms--download PDF pattern

***Felted Wool Kindle cover -- Blossoms pattern by Black Mountain Needleworks or purse

felt circle artwork

These are actually made from felt and are made by secondary school kids to illustrate the problems with a certain kind of algae in their river. I love it when science meets art :) rainbow-of-color

Sewing Seeds Quilt Co. | AllPeopleQuilt.com

Sewing Seeds Quilt Co. great organization of wools. When you have odd pieces, fold to the DEPTH of the shelves, then roll.

Framed work.  Mostly wanted it to explore various color options I'm considering before buying my felt.

Decorate with Handmade Wreaths

Felted-Wool Folk Art Wreath Vibrant colors pop from this framed wool wall hanging. Black pearl cotton blanket stitches give each piece texture and lend an overall folk art appearance.

Three Sheep Studio

Wool Pennies And Skeleton Keys, Wool Applique, How To Cut Wool Pennies, Rose Clay, Three Sheep Studio