Sid & Nancy

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Mike Jagger & Marianne Faithfull

Mick Jagger & Marianne Faithfull's Love Story (The Rolling Stones Wild Horses)

Chrissie Hynde & Ray Davies

Chrissie Hynde & Ray Davies a one time paramour of Ray's and mother of one of his daughters. The Akron mistress of Rock.

Lux Interior & Poison Ivy

Lux Interior and Poison Ivy met in Sacramento, California in 1972 and birthed the rockabilly punk band "The Cramps." Their legacy continued until 2009 when Lux Interior died of an "aortic dissection".

Pete Doherty & Kate Moss

Famed romance: Kate and Babyshambles rocker Pete met at the model's birthday party in 2005 and instantly hit it off, embarking on an on-off relationship for several years

Alex Turner & Alexa Chung

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Ike & Tina Turner

Even if you don't like Ike, this photo is BAD ASS!

Elvis Costello & Cait O'riordan

Irish punk rock - Elvis Costello and Cait O'Riordan of the pogues

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin

I love this image, whenever I think of Jane Birkin I see this photo, the sheer dress with the black knickers, and her classic basket bag. Serge looking cool as evs. Wish couples were still as iconic as this.

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