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two cards with flowers on them sitting on a rug in front of a curtained window
Luxury hotel branding design by Jennie Svartsjö
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a large pile of red tomatoes with the words piccante pooplane on it
Spicy tomato sauce branding by Laurene Piet
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several boxes are stacked on top of each other with the word sole written in different languages
Swimwear brand Sol branding design by Jose Manuel Vega
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a large advertisement on the side of a building with a dog's head painted on it
Bold and rebellious branding for a jewelry line by BRANDᴺᵂ
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the front and back cover of a brochure with images of grapes on it
Luxury resort branding by Cansu Dagbagli Ferreira
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a box that is hanging from a tree
Logo Innovations for Mossagården by Shiraz & Daryan
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mushrooms in a cardboard box with the words compoadess written on it's side
Mushroom Compadres branding design by Ochodias Studio
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several yellow umbrellas with bows on them are in the middle of a lobby area
Panarama cafe and store design by Futura
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an apple in a bag next to some seeds
Lung-Hao Chiang's identity and packaging design for coffee
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many different colored cards are arranged on a white surface with buttons and magnets attached to them
D&AD exhibition in Taiwan
Ken-Tsai Lee and Hao Wei Tu's exhibition design for D&AD in Taiwan
a box of chocolate sitting on top of a table next to two pieces of chocolate
Elegant chocolate branding and packaging design by Seungchan Lee
several slices of toasted bread sitting on top of each other
SIKBANG | Visual Identity Design
Branding for sliced bread by studio le_m
a hand holding up a white box on top of a table next to yellow and white papers
Wild Nutrition Packaging
Minimalist packaging design and campaign for a skincare brand by Socio
an assortment of colorful boxes with designs on them
Grit The Brand
Gift packaging design by Once 86 and Paula Altamar
two orange napkins sitting on top of a wooden table
Simple but impactful branding for a restaurant by Louis Torres and Axel Robinet