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Hardcover book #mockup kit by Salvatore Maniscalco
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a digital painting of a woman's face with a butterfly on her head and clouds in the background
Psychedelic collage art by Halit Benli
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Noova interlocking marble calendar by Berk Yıldız and Sineray Serin
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an advertisement on the side of a train
London Cycling Campaign by Alan Cheetham
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an abstract background with green and black shapes, including the letters v230 on it
Y2K 3D shapes collection by Designessense
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the logo for mindfulness is shown on top of some green leaves
Silent retreat branding and identity design by Chantal Jemmott
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a close up of a piece of paper with the word xo on it in black and white
Bold and minimalist mockups by Sylvan Hillebrand
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an image of two circles with the words custom elements on them in yellow and purple
Peach Fuzz abstract elements and background textures pack by MA Cherry
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two people holding up old televisions in front of each other, with the same person standing behind them
Editorial collages by Barbara Gibson
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an image of a goose with numbers on it
Gradient animal calendar by Martyna Wędzicka-Obuchowicz
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the letter k is made up of shiny metal pipes and glass letters that are shaped like an x
Chromatic logo design by Lee Cee
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a collage of buildings and people walking down a street in new york city, with lots of fish on them
New York State of Mind by Charis Tsevis
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a business card sitting on top of a table next to a shadow from the wall
Free business card mock up by Bun Mockup
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an image of a person holding an umbrella and spraying water from a faucet
Illustrations for Ikea Malaysia by Shiraz and Daryan
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