makes me want to get back in a darkroom and make some photograms

links back to some of the original photogram work I started off making, but it could be advanced onto pinhole photography instead of just making pictures in the dark room

Curtis Moffat (1887-1949). ‘Dragonfly’. Solarised gelatin silver  print photogram. About 1930. Victoria &  Albert Museum, London.

Curtis Moffat 'Abstract Composition' About 1925 Gelatin silver print Museum no. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Estate of Curtis Moffat

"Fotogramm" by László Moholy-Nagy, 1925

László Moholy-Nagy, Fotogramm, 1925 (même technique et exactement contemporains des Rayogrammes de Man Ray)

How to make a Matchbox Pinhole Camera - Eduard Piel

This is one of the simplest photographic cameras ever, made out of a discarded matchbox. However, it can actually take real pictures.


if i was gonna do medium format this would be the way to go. Legotron Medium Format Camera Built From Lego Bricks by Cary Norton

tulips - pinhole

Pinhole photography is too simple, you say? Shake things up a little and push the limits of your creativity with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator!

Dare alla Luce series by the artist Amy Friend via designvagabond

I am in awe over this Dare alla Luce series by the artist Amy Friend. In my mind, her pinhole interventions to vintage photographs create a visualization of the resurgence of emotions brought on by nostalgia.

Bethany de Forest Pinhole pictures - Botanical dome

Bethany de Forest Pinhole pictures - Botanical dome